Water Damage Restoration

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A water leak can cause extensive damage to your home, including ruining the interior insulation, walls, carpets, woodwork, trim, and furniture. There can also be new growth of mold and pest infestations, especially because creepy crawlies crave moisture.

We are Denver’s leading professionals in water remediation and restoration. We use our thermal imaging equipment and other tools to identify areas of homes and buildings that have sustained damage, and then we perform water extraction and drying.

After assessing the final state of each room in the building, we work with property owners to restore affected areas. The goal is to get your home or business into a healthier condition while minimizing the disruption of daily activities.

Solving Plumbing Damage to Your Property’s Interiors:

If you need to find experts in Water Damage Restoration in Aurora, CO, serving Denver Metro, many companies can send a rep to quote you their current price.

However, they may try to talk you into additional costs, much like a used car salesperson, pushing services that are not essential to restoring the structure.

We use a transparent process to create your estimate. If you hire Pure Choice Construction, we will keep you fully informed at every stage of the project.

Rest assured that we have extensive experience that helps us when we’re communicating with Colorado insurance carriers.

We will ensure that the restoration process, which can have some hurdles, is hassle-free for you.

Water Damage Restoration Company in Aurora, Serving Denver Metro

Fixing Roof Collapses and Water Leaks…

Dealing with substantial damage to your home or business, especially because the roof collapsed due to snow accumulating in a vulnerable spot, is stressful.

This adverse situation could occur at any time of year. With our harsh winters, you need to know which professionals to call for reliable Water Damage Restoration.

We are available to come out to your property and conduct a free, no-obligation assessment. We want to ensure that you are fully educated about the situation and get the opportunity to discuss all your options. 

Redesigning Homes to Prevent Future Damage

If you’re receiving several estimates from water damage restoration companies, make sure you consider the company’s reputation around town. If you choose a contractor with no reputation, it will be harder to get your insurance adjuster’s approval.

If you hire an unlicensed contractor, you will have no recourse when the job is not done correctly the first time.

We are here to support you during this stressful time and develop a plan for restoring your property to its former condition!

“I would personally recommend Pure Choice to other communities. I have lived at Lyn Meadows for over 36 years and have experienced several large projects being done. This is the largest project that we have ever done in that time and Pure Choice has made it run smooth. As problems or concerns have come up, Pure Choice has been quick to address the situation. I feel our Board of Directors made the best choice by going with Pure Choice. Our project was 1.2 million and encompassed 54 buildings which included 251 townhomes.”

Donna N.


Whether you're upgrading one home or multiple properties in an investment portfolio, your project deserves attention to detail. We value your business and will do our very best to solve problems during the construction or renovation process. Trust our team to operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner while maintaining transparency and accountability. Contact us today!


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