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Was your home damaged by a hail or snowstorm?

If that happened, then you and your loved ones are obviously feeling stressed and wondering how long it will take to fix your home. The roof is a building component that protects all the property owner’s possessions and the internal structure of the building. Without a leak-free roof, there can be extensive damage. The same advice holds true for aging roofs that experience damage in some areas and not others.

At Pure Choice Construction, we strive to be the best roofing contractor in Aurora, CO, serving Denver Metro. We help homeowners and business owners with various roofing problems. You can’t afford to ignore these issues:


The home or building’s internal walls and floors may sustain damage when there is a leak.


Moisture entering the structure through holes in the roof can result in the buildup of mold and pests.


Your business or family may not be able to occupy the structure.


You may need to wait months for insurance approval before scheduling repairs.


Your insurance company may not cover damage that would have been prevented by regular maintenance.

Roofing Company in Aurora, Serving Denver Metro

Understanding the Roofing Inspection and Remediation Process

Our Pure Choice Construction roofers have worked for over twenty years to perform re-roofing and repairs to properties in the Denver Metro area. 

As general contractors, we’ve seen that roofs built in the 20th century, using different building methods, were designed to last up to 20 years. 

Unfortunately, it takes one major storm to destroy the shingles on a well-built roof. Even if the pitch is great, a roof could experience buildup of snow, hail, or other debris. 

If you have a tile or metal roof, which could last over 25 years, there could be damage only to some areas. It’s important to obtain a roofing inspection and assess the extent of storm damage and other roofing issues.

“I would personally recommend Pure Choice to other communities. I have lived at Lyn Meadows for over 36 years and have experienced several large projects being done. This is the largest project that we have ever done in that time and Pure Choice has made it run smooth. As problems or concerns have come up, Pure Choice has been quick to address the situation. I feel our Board of Directors made the best choice by going with Pure Choice. Our project was 1.2 million and encompassed 54 buildings which included 251 townhomes.”

Donna N.

Typical Roofing Problems

Typical Roofing Problems:

As the leading roofing contractor in Aurora, CO and Denver Metro, we’re equipped to handle extensive roofing projects, including updating buildings in private communities.

We help property owners, investors, and rental managers assess each roof’s condition and then write a competitive estimate for each unit.

Then, we stand by our pricing while keeping our valued customers informed of the project timeline. We want you to meet your deadline for reoccupying the building or listing it for sale.

Here are some typical roofing problems:


You need existing shingles removed before a new roof is installed.


You want to add a new layer of shingles over existing shingles.


You want to change the roof type from shingles to metal or another more durable material.


You need to replace the roof, soffit, fascia, and siding to revitalize an outdated exterior.


You had a roof collapse in one area and want to match the existing roof.


Rely on Pure Choice Construction, your leading roofing contractor in Aurora, CO, for transparent pricing and building processes, which keeps us ahead of the competition and earns your future referrals.


Whether you're upgrading one home or multiple properties in an investment portfolio, your project deserves attention to detail. We value your business and will do our very best to solve problems during the construction or renovation process. Trust our team to operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner while maintaining transparency and accountability. Contact us today!

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