When you set out to update a home, building, or community, there are the usual concerns about costs, delays, and quality work.

You want to pick the best design and building materials for the job. You want to keep to your deadline for project completion. You don’t want to create more problems than necessary by hiring the wrong contractors.

At Pure Choice Construction, we’ve built a comprehensive approach to various building projects, completing everything from small projects to whole-home renovations.

We aim to impress our clients and exceed expectations every step of the process.

We are proud of our recent achievements:

Helping entire communities get a new look, transforming properties to increase value and delighting residents.

Revamping local, regional, and national commercial facilities to dazzle their customers.

Updating upscale residences for the 21st century.

Keeping our valued employees because they love working on our team.

Rely on our experience

Our contractor service is supported by a team of construction experts, tradesmen, project managers, laborers, and customer service personnel.

Having served the Denver metro market for many years, our story began when we were mostly completing beautiful kitchen and bath projects for single homes.

This evolved into full contracting services, including residential and commercial additions, roofing projects, large outdoor projects, and renovations.

About Pure Choice Construction

With over 20 years of combined construction experience, our contractors have satisfied diverse customers and finished their projects with quality and precision. We want to surpass your expectations, so you will recommend us to colleagues and friends.

At Pure Choice Construction, our employees have many years in Project Management, Project Coordinating, Field Management, and construction-site labor. We are always focused on safety, working to meet deadlines while working hard to avoid cutting corners.

We recognize that it is in everyone’s best interest to use the best building practices in the Denver metro area. From small projects to big ones, we’ve got your needs covered.

We can help you with anything from drywall repair to renovating 19th-century mansions.

We will consult on your project and answer your questions as a property owner or manager along the way.


Whether you're upgrading one home or multiple properties in an investment portfolio, your project deserves attention to detail. We value your business and will do our very best to solve problems during the construction or renovation process. Trust our team to operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner while maintaining transparency and accountability. Contact us today!


Aurora, Colorado